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Gift Certificates

Over the years, Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group has received trade from many of our advertisers that we've traditionally used for company events, client lunches, etc. With ShopMidMo, we're able to share some of those perks with you in the form of discounted gift certificates.

With daily deal sites, you're normally settling for sub-par food or service. 90% off? There's usually a reason for that. At ShopMidMo, we're selective of the businesses we work with and only want to offer certificates where you'll receive a great product or service.

We offer real, physical gift certificates that don't require you to buy anything else like many coupon or daily deal site do. We offer discounted gift certificates to local Missouri businesses, so that you can try some of the best businesses in Mid-Missouri.

Most certificates are mailed and received within 1-3 business days, and we also offer mobile redemption on select certificates.

Although most certificates do not have expiration dates, we recommend using your certificates within 90 days of purchase, and always within one year.

Our shipping is free, and our gift certificates are normally discounted between 15-40%.

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