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Pappo's Pizzeria

4705 Osage Beach Pkwy
Osage Beach, MO 65065
Pappo's Pizzeria
(573) 693-1092


Yes it takes a little longer to handcraft and bake our pizzas on hearth ovens, but honestly you can taste the difference and very few places have as many choices as PaPPo's gives you. After you taste the difference, you might become fanatically loyal to PaPPo's and never turn back to the everyday ordinary.

When the desire to produce exceptional pizza quality increases to it's highest point...you demonstrate your willingness to sacrifice the cost or convenience...when you become so fanatical that it drives you every day to a point where you are willing to do and go where others will not...back to a time a place where food was a passion and art form...that is PaPPo's Pizzeria

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