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$10 Gift Certificate - Huddle House

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Huddle House


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That's right, the most important meal of the day just happens to be our specialty. At Huddle House, we know breakfast, generous hospitality and genuine southern spirit... and we know them well. Put those three great traits together and our guests receive premium southern style breakfasts that are big, fresh, casual and served up when you want them. Any breakfast, any time means you never have to skip your most important meal, even if you've overslept, again. 

Lunch Time may be the most popular time to crave our sandwiches, but fear not, mighty sandwich lover. You can indulge in Huddle Burger Heaven or Sandwich Platter Paradise no matter when you stop in. Any time is the right time for these All-American classics.

We're proud to serve up thousands of satisfying meals. Momma would be proud and Daddy would be belly up for these great spreads. The only difference is that you can be as picky as you please. Choose any two sides to suit your fancy, just make sure that if you order up the veggies, you eat them all. Our dinner bell rings around the clock. So stay out as long as you like, we'll keep dinner waiting.

Next to every great meal there stands a refreshing beverage to compliment. Order up a Big House breakfast and swoosh it down with a perfect cold OJ. Meet for a cup of coffee and share a divine dessert. Just like eggs and bacon, burger and fries, biscuits and gravy...every meal needs a companion and every cup of hot coffee craves the perfect dessert. Indulge. Any Time.

Only Valid at the following Huddle House Locations:1201 North Bishop Avenue, Rolla, MO.

Only Valid at the following Huddle House Locations:1201 North Bishop Avenue, Rolla, MO.